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Blackjack 3 to 2 Payout

The most popular table casino games is blackjack. Millions of players at home games, charity events and land-based casinos around the world play this bankrolled casino game, also known as Pontoon or 21. It is also the most popular strategy in online casinos due to its huge variation.

One of the reasons why blackjack is so popular among participants is its relatively low house edge or, to be more precise, its high RTP percentage. In this respect, the game is similar to roulette. The main reason for this is that blackjack offers constant chances of winning, which makes it a very exciting pastime that keeps gambling enthusiasts from getting bored.

When you reach the natural age of 21, of course, this is that moment in blackjack. Not only do you beat the dealer, but you also get the highest payout of 3 to 2. This is a handy guide to help you calculate your winnings quickly and easily every time, because this ratio can be confusing when you first start playing blackjack online.

Blackjack 3 to 2.

Blackjack Payout 3 to 2: Basic Strategy

The 3:2 payout is the most important rule you can have in standard game blackjack. It is not only adhered to by online casinos, but also by land-based establishments.

In simple terms, the 3:2 rule means that you will receive £3 for every £2 or equivalent percentage bet. This was little better than just having a better service than the dealer. In the latter circumstances, the 1 to 1 rule applies. So if you beat the pot with a hand that falls short of the value 21, your wagers are determine at zero.

Why Does the Casino Offer a 3 to 2 Advantage?

To compensate for the player’s statistical advantage over the casino, the casino offers a 3 to 2 asset. In this benefit, the participant always has the option to stop or hit in a round, while the casino always has to follow certain rules, for example, the casino must hit if your hand is under 17. The casino provides a 3 to 2 advantage. This is a statistical advantage.

How Does a 3 to 2 House Edge the Outcome of a Game?

Since the casino will always have a small advantage over the player, a 3 to 2 blessing affects the results of the game in the long run. Although players may make a profit over a short period of time, the casino’s advantage is maintained over a long period of time. Thus, beginners tend betting more than professional participants.

Calculate Blackjack Games 3 to 2 Payouts: Fastest Way

You must first add up the numbers and then multiply each figure by one and a half times to calculate the 3-to-2 payout as quickly as possible. For example, if the wagers is £38, it would be £45 (30 times 1.5) plus 12 (8 times 1.5).

Odd numbers are a little more difficult to calculate. For example, 159. In the first case, you can: 159:2=79.5. And then: 159+79,50=238,5. Exactly £238.50 will be your payouts.

You can also use one more way. To do this, divide the original number, in our case 159, into three parts – 100, 50 and 9. After that, add 75 and 13,50 to 150. That is: 150+75+13,50=238,50.

Bet to Payout Ratio of 3:2

Looking visually, here’s what the payouts look like in this strategy.

Rate amountAmount of payment

3:2 Payment Features

In blackjack, the house pays 3 to 2, which means that if a player discards 21 cards with a two-card hand, the house will pay out three times what he started with. Essentially, the casino will pay a participant £25 if they betting £10.

Here are some elements of a 3-to-2 house.

Maximum Wager

To get a 3-to-2 win, the participant must wagers the maximum amount allowed.

Winning Hand

The combination of two cards must be a blackjack. It is important to take into account the dealer’s upcard.


The player receives a triple payouts on top of their original bet in natural blackjack.

First hand

The house pays 3 to 2. Players will get money for everything – a half, first two cards, double, extra bonus or other.

No Blackjack

When a participant plays blackjack at the establishment, he loses his wagers but does not receive a 3-to-2 winnings. He may surrender.

Almost twenty-one

If a participant has twenty-one or more cards, 3 to 2 does not apply.

Chances of Payment

According to numerous studies, Blackjack payouts are usually lower than other extra bets. A 3:2 payout is always “on the table”, unlike extra bets which are not required. In addition, most of the outcomes that ultimately produce a successful extra bet are unlikely.

As for the ratio of the odds of a payout to the number of decks in blackjack, this data is summarised in the table below:

Deck of CardsChances of Payment

Other Blackjack Payout Options

Blackjack is a versatile game that has different strategies and variations. The latter also applies to payouts. We will talk about the most common ones below.

RatesAverage Charges
Original Black Jack3:2
Winning without blackjack1:1

British players can played on tables with difference types of wager in addition to the standard bets. The most common additional bets are “21+3” and “Perfect Pairs” with casino’s favour.

Bets Blackjack Table 21+3

Three of a kind30:1
Straight flush40:1
Single three of a kind100:1

Perfect Pairs Table

Couple typePayment scheme
Mismatched5:1 / 8:1
Difference and same colour10:1
Suitable25:1 / 30:1

Hot3 Blackjack Table

Another popular wager that involves calculating the cards originally dealt. The dealer’s card is also needed for the final result.

Cost of dealer’s handPayment scheme

“Destroy it” Blackjack Table

This type of betting is about overcards.

Number of cards on the bustPayout ratio

Blackjack 6:5. Why Casino Games Pay Like That?

This blackjack game variant is the same, but pays 6:5 for a blackjack combination instead of the usual 3:2 payout. The player will receive £120 instead of the usual £150 on a £100 wager. In Las Vegas, and later in other cities in the United States, 6:5 Blackjack began to be foisted on the public quite aggressively. Subsequently, this variant spread to Europe and then to online casinos.

Blackjack 3:2 6:5.

The rule clearly hurts the player. But few people know how disadvantageous it is. For a fast game like blackjack, a 6:5 payout means a 1.39% increase in the casino’s asset over the player. The standard rules set the house advantage at about 0.5%. That is, this payouts increases the casino’s advantage over the player by a factor of three.

The advertising motives for introducing and promoting this rule are that American players (where this started) have long been indoctrinated with the idea that a 1-card game is better than a multi-card game, all other things being equal. which is undoubtedly true. However, casinos were afraid to played regular 1-code games for fear of an influx of counters. Then the idea of launching an advertising campaign called “Finally we are ready to offer you good old 1-deck blackjack” and lowering the price of 1-deck blackjack was born.

The introduction of this rule received widespread publicity, with many players explicitly calling for a boycott, which is almost impossible. Currently, 6:5 blackjack exists in almost all venues and continues to be viable. Since paying 3:2 led to the name of the game, many players argue that it should not be called blackjack.

In relation to this game, you should proceed as follows:

  • Do not play blackjack if the winning combination is less than 3:2.
  • Warn your friends and family members if they plan to visit the casino. Let them know that standard blackjack pay is favourable for multi-deck games.
  • Tell the casino staff that you are disappointed with its introduction and that you are not comfortable playing such a game.

If players don’t stop playing these games, the casino should destroy real blackjack. Don’t let that happen.

3:2: Increasing the Chances of Payment

Although blackjack is a fast game with instant rounds, you need to handle the whole process responsibly. Here are our tips to maximize your chances of winning:

  1. Familiarise yourself with all the rules of the game. Learn the odds of winning.
  2. Learn the main strategy you will use. Memorise all the variants of the game development.
  3. Study the betting limits on different sites to choose the best site for you.
  4. Some time to observe the players. Try to recognise for yourself who uses what strategy.


Now you know what the 3-to-2 blackjack payout rule means and how it differs from other payout variants. We have also provided scientific data on the effect of other rule variants on average 3:2 tables.

As for you personally, study the base. That is, the basic rules of the game, the main strategy and all its variants of development. Learn the peculiarities of better odds bets and limits in different casinos. Note, what is no less important – learn from others and know their tips before you start playing yourself. Only in this way, you will be able to maximise your preparation for the game.

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