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Understanding the American Roulette

Do you know what makes American Roulette so special and popular? The RTP (return to player) is 94.74% and the house edge is 5.26%. Roulette games is a great choice for VIP and high rollers.

The addition of an extra ’00’ slot is another interesting detail that sets American Roulette apart from European and French Roulette. Instead of 37 slots on the wheel, there are now 38.

Our experts have conducted a detailed analysis of this popular casino games, based on which we have prepared a detailed review of this game for you. Well, let’s start! After this review, you will know exactly what is American roulette.

Understanding American Roulette.

How Does American Roulette Work

Before the dealer declares, “no more bets,” players must place their wagers. After multiple circuits, he will spin the ball in the roulette wheel and it will land in a compartment with a number between 0 and 36.

Predicting which pocket the ball will land in on the wheel is the primary goal. In this way, the European wheel form of Roulette and its American adaptation are similar in many ways.

It stands out because it adds an extra pocket with a value of 00, which changes the odds and adds an entirely new level of excitement to the game.

Differences between American, French and European Roulette

What is the difference between American and European roulette? This table shows all the major differences.

Number of sectors of zero112 (0 and 00)
Paying the high odds bet on a zeroThe chip remains on the field. The bet is returned to the player in case of success in the next roundHalf of the bet is returned to the playerThe chip goes in favour of the casino
Collecting tokensWith a spatulaWith a spatula on french wheelBy hand
Bets with money and tokensOnly chips are acceptedOnly price chipsYes
Oral betsYesYesNo
PaymentsFirst, the big onesIn order of growthNo difference, but with the gambling comission
Snake betNoNoYes
Bet Top line (for 5 numbers)NoNoYes
Bet First Four (0, 1, 2, 3)YesYesNo
Table limitsThe size of the minimum and maximum rates has been setYesThere is no maximum
Casino edge (the difference between real odds and payout rates)2.7%2.7%5.26 for a bet on 5 lines – 7.89%

Distinct Numerical Order

How many numbers on American roulette wheel? The American wheel has 38 pockets with its extra 00. The wheel numbers are entirely rearranged by the extra 00, though, which allows us to understand how to beat American roulette. The majority of casinos, whether they are online or not, use the following numbers in a clockwise manner:


The Double-Zero Roulette Wheel

The odds of winning while betting on 0 or 00 are not increased by the double-zero wheel. In actuality, your different odds of placing a winning bet on 0 or 00 are lower. However, you should know in advance, are all american roulette wheels the same.

The American wheel has fewer numbers, therefore the odds are lower.

Advantages of the American Version

Despite significant differences from its European cousins, American roulette has many advantages. In particular:

  • A huge selection of wagers that are allowed on live online casinos.
  • With its double zero, the American roulette wheel design increases excitement and difficulty.
  • The game still has an RTP of more than 94% even with a bigger house edge.
  • Lower minimums are typically found in American variation tables.

Layout of an American Roulette Table

The American roulette table’s design is remarkably similar to that of its European counterpart. However, the inner and outside bets that UK players may make in the game are also slightly different because to the peculiarities of double-zero and the unusual order of Roulette numbers.

American Roulette Table.

The Five Number bet is an additional inside wager that you can place a bet at the American Roulette table every time for money. However, outside bets are generally the same in all varieties of roulette.

In general, there are two types of betting layout in American Roulette: inside and outside bets.

Inside Roulette Bets

Name of the betDescriptionHow to place
Straight up bet/Single betFor one numberThis is positioned directly on the number and on any single number, including 00 and 0. If it lands on 0, you will receive a 35 to 1 reward
Split betFor two number that are connected to each other in a horizontal or vertical directionOn the line that divides the fields of these numbers
Corner/Square betFor 4 adjoining roomsAt the intersection of the selected numbers
Five betFor 5 roomsThis is positioned at the corner by 0 and 1 and has the numbers 00, 1, 2, and 3. It pays out six to one
Top Line betUp the line, two sectors with zero to the first streetAt the intersection: between the sector, the third number, and the line that does not border the outside bets
StreetBy three consecutive horizontal numbersOn the line that separates the number field from the outer part
Six LineFor 6 numbers that form lines horizontallyOn the line that divides the numbered part from the outer part
BasketThree numbers, at least one of which is a zeroIn the adjacent zone, which is the corner between the three fields
First FourTo numbers 0, 1, 2, 3Directly on the corner of the intersection of Sectors 0, №2 and the line

It is worth noting that all in-play such bets are notable for their high payouts.

Outside Roulette Bets

Name of the betDescriptionHow to place
Low/High BetTo get a number within a certain range: from 1 to 18, or from 19 to 36. Will play 18 numbers. Its same payout is 1 to 1According to the numbers in the description
Colour BetOn a certain colour of the field. It will play 18 numbersAccording to the colour in the description
Odd or Even BetGet an even or odd number. There are 18 winning numbersAccording to the numbers in the description
Dozen BetOn numbers in the range: from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, from 24 to 36According to the numbers in the description
Column BetOn numbers within the selected vertical column of 12 numbersBy the last number
Snake BetTo the following sectors with red fields: 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34, with a straight line similar to a zigzagIn the bottom corner of the box №34

External bets have low payoffs and a high probability of falling out. It American roulette strategy allows us to understand how to always win.

Winning Odds & Payouts

Despite the diversity of winning bets, it is still possible to calculate the odds of a payout.

Bet typeOddsPayout
Split5.3%17: 1
Street7.9%11: 1
Corner bet10.5%8: 1
Column31.6%2: 1
Ten31.6%2: 1
Even strange47.4%1:1

Tips for Winning

Despite the fact that roulette is more of a game of luck, there are still ways to improve your chances of winning. In particular, we are talking about various theories and methodologies that have been developed and improved over the years.


It is based on the theory of progression, which implies that you should constantly double your bets until you win. The level of risk increases.

Shotgun & Run Martingale

Although it is more risky and aggressive than the Martingale method. If you consistently lose two or more bets, you should walk away or quit.


This method is also called the gambler’s mistake. It is based on the theory of balance, which allows you not to worry if you are on a losing streak.


This is a roulette strategy that is based on a number of mathematical formulas. It states that you should create a new bet by adding two previous bets; if you are on a winning streak, you should continue to stick with your original bet.


This strategy is based on the cancellation theory. You shouldn’t bet on numbers that have already won or lost.

The James Bond Strategy

It involves betting on two-thirds of the numbers on the roulette mat, which increases the probability of a hit.


Despite the fact that American roulette has fewer numbers and, consequently, fewer chances to win, it is a game worth playing. With all types of bets (both inside and outside), strategies for playing the overall odds of each component, you can win a lot of money here.

However, in order not to be left penniless, you should first learn American roulette – its features, betting methods, chances of the numbers falling out, etc. Choose a strategy that you will follow for a long time. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks.

Be sure to find out in advance, how to play American roulette game and where can i play American roulette. Your concern shouldn’t be how to memorize betting system or many terms such as, ball landing, higher house edge or others. You just have to understand the whole process of the game, how to make money.

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