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Updated: Feb 23, 2024

Is Unibet on Gamstop?

Is Unibet on Gamstop

Unibet, a prominent online casino, is indeed part of Gamstop. If you’ve self-excluded via Gamstop, Unibet will respect this and restrict your access during your self-exclusion period.

Unibet’s inclusion in Gamstop is a clear indication of their commitment to responsible gaming. They adhere to UKGC’s rules, which require all licensed online casinos to join Gamstop, promoting a safer gaming environment.

If you’ve chosen to take a break from gambling and registered with Gamstop, Unibet will uphold this decision. Your self-exclusion will be effectively enforced, giving you the necessary space to focus on your personal well-being.

Is it Possible to Get Around Gamstop
and Access Unibet?

As a Gamstop user, you might be fond of Unibet and wish to continue playing there. Yes, there are methods to bypass Gamstop and access Unibet or other Gamstop-registered casinos, but these are not without risks.

You could use a VPN, proxy, or Tor browser to mask your IP and location, accessing Unibet from another country. However, this could lead to complications, including potential loss of funds, account suspension, or legal issues. Alternatively, you could contact Gamstop to request removal from their database, but this is a lengthy, uncertain process and could reignite problematic gambling habits.

The safest and most optimal way for Gamstop users to enjoy online gambling is at non-Gamstop casinos. These platforms, not regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, offer a variety of games, promotions, and payment methods for those wanting to avoid Gamstop. We’ve reviewed and rated numerous trustworthy non-Gamstop casinos on our site, ensuring they’re fair and secure.

For a deeper understanding of avoiding Gamstop and navigating non-Gamstop casinos, our expert author Harry Evans has penned an insightful article, “How to Avoid Gamstop?”. He shares his extensive online gambling experience, offering guidance on selecting the best non-Gamstop casinos and what to be cautious of when playing.

If you find yourself with lingering questions about Gamstop, be sure to explore our comprehensive articles and guides where we’ve furnished all the information you require.

How to Cancel Gamstop
and Play at Unibet?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion tool designed to help control your gambling habits. If you’ve registered with Gamstop but now wish to play at Unibet, you’ll need to cancel your self-exclusion. This decision should be made with careful consideration, keeping in mind the purpose of Gamstop is to promote responsible gambling.

Here’s a revised step-by-step guide on how to cancel Gamstop and resume playing at Unibet:

  1. Access Your Gamstop Account: Visit the Gamstop website and log in using your username and password.
  2. Initiate Cancellation: Locate and click on the “Cancel Self-Exclusion” button, typically found in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Provide a Reason: You’ll be asked to give a brief explanation for cancelling your self-exclusion. Ensure your reason is clear and concise.
  4. Submit Your Request: After entering your reason, click on the “Submit” button. Your request will then be reviewed by Gamstop, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  5. Wait for Cancellation: The cancellation process can take up to 72 hours. Patience is key during this period.
  6. Start Playing at Unibet: Once your self-exclusion has been cancelled, you’re free to create an account at Unibet and begin playing.

Remember, if you’re concerned about your gambling habits, professional help is available. Numerous resources can assist you in managing your gambling and preventing potential addiction.

Top-5 Alternatives to Unibet

Our expert team understands that every player has unique preferences when it comes to online casinos. Therefore, we’ve curated a list of top-notch alternatives to Unibet, each offering a distinct blend of features that make them a worthy consideration. 

Here’s a closer look at these alternatives:

Superb.bet Casino

This platform stands out for its commitment to user privacy. Superb.bet Casino offers an anonymous gaming experience without compromising on the variety and quality of games, making it an excellent alternative for those who prioritize privacy in their online gaming.

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Jokabet Casino

Known for its extensive selection of slot games, or ‘pokies’ as they’re known in some regions, Jokabet Casino is a fantastic choice for slot enthusiasts. Its user-friendly interface and generous bonus offers further enhance its appeal as a Unibet alternative.

Jokabet Casino
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Winner Casino

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency, Winner Casino is a great alternative. This online casino accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, providing a modern, secure, and convenient gaming experience for crypto enthusiasts.

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+ 100 FS
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Winstler Casino

Gxmble Casino is renowned for its live dealer games, offering an immersive, real-time gaming experience. If you enjoy the thrill of live casino games, Winstler Casino could be your ideal Unibet alternative.

Winstler Casino
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Magic Red Casino

With its rich portfolio of games and a reputation for excellent customer service, Magic Red Casino is a solid choice for those seeking a comprehensive online casino experience. Its commitment to player satisfaction makes it a worthy alternative to Unibet.

Magic Red Casino
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These top-five alternatives to Unibet each offer unique features, ensuring a diverse and satisfying online gaming experience.

If, for any reason, the options we recommended earlier didn’t quite fit the bill for you, fret not! We have a wide array of online casinos not affiliated with Gamstop that are sure to cater to your requirements. Explore our top-rated picks, and you’ll quickly find the perfect match for your gaming preferences.

Is Unibet Self Exclusion

Unibet is committed to responsible gaming, offering a self-exclusion tool that allows players to block access to Unibet and its products for a chosen period. This can be easily accessed from the “My account” section, with options ranging from 24 hours to 5 years, or even indefinite exclusion through customer support.

This self-exclusion service also extends to Unibet’s other brands like Maria and Bingo.com, ensuring a comprehensive exclusion across platforms. Unibet’s voluntary participation in Gamstop, the UK’s national self-exclusion service, further emphasizes their dedication to responsible gambling.

If you wish to learn more about Unibet’s self-exclusion service and other responsible gaming tools, you can visit the “Responsible Gaming” section on their official website. There, you’ll find detailed information to help you control and manage your gambling behavior effectively.

Unibet and Gamstop:
Stay Informed about Responsible Gaming

Unibet is committed to responsible gaming and offers a number of tools to help players stay in control of their gambling. These include a self-exclusion tool, which allows players to temporarily or permanently ban themselves from the Unibet website and app, and a reality check tool, which helps players to track their spending and gambling habits.

Unibet also works with Gamstop, a self-exclusion scheme that allows players to block themselves from all participating gambling websites and apps. If you are concerned about your gambling, you can find more information about Gamstop and other gambling support services.


➡️ Does Gamstop affiliate with Unibet?

No, Gamstop is an independent self-exclusion scheme that is not affiliated with any specific gambling operator. However, Unibet is one of the many gambling operators that participate in Gamstop.

🤔 What is Unibet’s reason for using Gamstop?

Unibet uses Gamstop to help its customers who are struggling with problem gambling. By self-excluding from Gamstop, these customers can block themselves from all participating gambling websites and apps, which can help them to get the help they need.

✅ Can people who use Gamstop sign up for Unibet?

No, people who are self-excluded from Gamstop cannot sign up for Unibet or any other participating gambling operator. If you are self-excluded from Gamstop, you will be prevented from creating a new account with Unibet.

⚖️ Is Unibet a good place to play?

Unibet is a reputable gambling operator that offers a wide range of games and betting markets. However, it is important to remember that gambling can be addictive, so it is important to gamble responsibly. If you are concerned about your gambling, you should self-exclude from Gamstop or seek help from a gambling counsellor.

👉 Can I make a new Unibet account to get around the “self-exclusion” feature?

No, you cannot make a new Unibet account to get around the self-exclusion feature. If you try to create a new account, your details will be flagged by Gamstop and you will be prevented from creating an account.

🎰 Which Other Site is the Best Replacement for Unibet?

There are a number of other gambling operators that are similar to Unibet, such as Anonym, BrucePokies, and Bets.io. These operators offer a wide range of games and betting markets, and they are all regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

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