Our team of proffesionals.

Our Team

We have a magnificent team of gambling enthusiasts, ensuring that they bring you the best reviews and evaluations of various online casinos. They include

Content Team

Content Team- They ensure amazing and quality content that is always up to date.

SEO Team

The team ensures that your google search is easy when you want to find the best reviews for casino sites, not on Gamstop.

Design Team

The team ensures that your experience on our site is first-class and maneuvering our page quite easy.

William Carney – CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Eliza Davis – Financial Officer

Gillian Eagle – Technical Officer

Eric Murat – Operating Officer

Anna Morris – Marketing Officer

Harry Evans – CMO / Chief Redactor

Harry Evans Redactor sitesnotongamstop.net

Our website is made by players for players

Here you will find the best casinos online. Our team is made up of players with years of experience. That’s why we say our site is made by players – for players.

It is an informative site dedicated to the complete coverage of online gambling and casinos, tailored to the needs of UK residents. New gaming platforms pop up every month, and it’s not hard to get lost in such a sea. That’s why we carefully select the best online casinos and analyse them. Thanks to our rankings, you’ll have a good gaming experience!

Why our site is a good choice

We are a small team whose headquarters are based in the United Kingdom. We believe that the online gambling industry must constantly improve. To this end, we regularly review sites, analyse them according to dozens of criteria and compile them into a ranking.

Since this topic is truly immense and we can talk about it for days on end, we have created a large website. Here we can cover all aspects of the gaming experience, gambling, casinos and the gambling industry. Our motto is: “Maximum awareness for everyone”.

Aims and mission

The main aim of our website is to offer actual and honest information about gambling and online casinos. We aim to help in the selection of gambling platforms, bonuses and gambling entertainment.

What We Do

Our mission is to enlighten players on the best online casinos by providing reviews and evaluations based on firsthand experience. Our team ensures that we provide players with reliable and up-to-date online casino reviews and comparisons over various sites to make it easy for you to settle on the best online sites.

We strive to improve gambling for ordinary people by making it safe and fun. Based on firsthand experience, not all sites are safe, and we ensure to have tested these for you, so you do not have to waste your time trying them but concentrate on having fun safely.

What Gambling Industries We Study

Our niche includes

Online casinos

Betting sites

Poker sites

Bingo sites

International gambling

How We Study Gambling Sites and Why We are the Best

We are thorough in our ways, ensuring that a player can only have the best casino experiences.

Find a Casino-There are so many online casinos, we are patient in reviewing them for our readers.

  • Do a detailed overview- This includes all the features and insights of the game.
  • Collect Reviews- Players who have visited the sites are keen to leave a comment on their experience, and it is important to us to see what we are working with.
  • Play- It will guarantee that we know what we are talking about when we give reviews.
  • Study all aspects of the game- It guarantees that we can give feedback based on our own experience.
  • Write a review- It is very important to give a review of firsthand experience and not hearsay.

We stand out since we have a lot of experience and knowledge in this field; you can rest assured that we only provide credible information to players.

What we offer readers.

What We Offer Readers

More Than 60 proven gambling brands in various categories

Frequent updates of content and casino list and re-checks of existing casinos.

Rating system to make the selection of casinos as easy as possible

Up-to-date reviews and evaluations of online casinos

Any new terms and conditions change in the world of gambling

How We Rate Casinos

Trustworthiness: It is quite hard for a player to know which of the many online casinos is well known and offered by a trusted provider. From our experience, we have reviewed several online casinos with trustworthy providers and safe for the player. They include Microgaming, not on Gamstop, NetEnt not on Gamstop, Novomatic and Evolution Gaming, not on Gamestop.

  • License- A player should ensure that the site they play in is licensed by a recognized body either locally or internationally.
  • Payouts- As we gain firsthand experience on the online casinos, we check out how they offer their payouts, which is a huge factor for a player choosing a gambling site.
  • Rules and regulations – Every website has its own rules and regulations. Here we are keen to interpret them for the ordinary players, thus ensuring a great and unique experience.
  • Bonuses and wagers- Every player are interested in the type of bonuses a betting site offers. In our reviews, we are keen to outline all the bonuses and wagers of the game.

How We Rate Betting Sites

It is good to note that casinos and betting sites differ in how they reward players. For example, casinos offer free spins, no deposit bonuses, cashback, and welcome bonuses. On the other hand, betting sites offer free bets, increased odds, cash-out options, and insurance bets.

 We have a few ways that help us in rating betting sites.

  • Bookmakers’ license- in our ranking, we ensure that the licenses and certificates confirm the site’s honesty and that the policies implement responsible gaming.
  • Choice of sports events- any betting site has a way to choose their sporting events that will enhance a player making better guesses. It includes small details such as knowledge of the history of athletes.
  • Odds- it is amazing to note that gambling sites not on Gamstop offer a huge range of gaming offers, such as better odds, since they don’t pay taxes to the British regulator. It is a big deal for gamers to get the non-taxed betting odds.
  • Betting varieties- gamers can get lost in the betting varieties offered, such as those in tennis, which include; outright betting, set betting, match betting, and each-way betting. In all these varieties, we ensure that our readers will make the best choice in the betting sites they choose since we will advise them on all the betting varieties for any game of their choice.

How to Play Casino Safe

Previously, it was hard to know whether you were playing safe casinos or not. However, with the current reviews and evaluations from our team, you can rest assured that you can play safe casino with our team.

Who our site is suitable for

We provide information free of charge and to a wide range of readers. We believe you will get the most out of our website if: You like gambling and are constantly looking for interesting new products.
You want to find more opportunities to win in different games.
You want to find a good gambling website, including a non Gamstop casino.
Perhaps you have shut yourself off from gambling, and now you want to find a non-Gamstop site.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Email info@sitesnotongamstop.net and also to the registered office at 14 Walker Close, Wrexham, United Kingdom, LL13 9QB.