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Updated: Feb 02, 2024

Does Gamstop Cover Land-Based Casinos?

Gamstop doesn’t cover land-based casinos but only applies to online gaming sites with a UKGC license. Land-based gambling operators like land-based casinos have their self-exclusion program called SENSE.

The UKGC is the regulator of all betting activities in the United Kingdom. It ensures fair and transparent gambling while ensuring operators abide by all the rules and regulations. In its endeavor to regulate the gambling industry and promote responsible gambling, it mandates all UKGC-licensed operators to adopt either Gamstop or SENSE.

The UK is one of the leading gambling nations with an industry worth over £14 billion. The industry has employed over 200,000 people, indicating the sector’s size. To manage the growth and popularity of gambling, the UKGC requires all licensed operators to adopt GamStop to protect punters and operators compulsorily.

Does Gamstop Cover Land-Based Casinos?

GamStop self-exclusion too helps problem gamblers by allowing them to self-exclude voluntarily. It helps protect public welfare, blocks UK-based online casinos, and is free. You only need your ID photo and an address to register. Once a player has voluntarily decided to self-exclude, they can no longer access any other site with a UKGC license.

About GamStop

In the UK, counseling services exist for problem gamblers; however, preventive measures are crucial. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) ensures gambling sites adopt various self-exclusion services as a vital stopgap measure before issues escalate. 

GamStop, initiated in 2018, is one of the most effective self-exclusion programs in the UK, allowing punters to self-exclude for six months, one year, or five years. UKGC’s administrators played a crucial role in the formation of GamStop. 

All UK-licensed gambling operators must integrate Gamstop into their platforms. The websites must also inform their users of the availability of Gamstop if they think their gambling becomes problematic. Gamstop allows punters to self-exclude voluntarily. Upon registering to Gamstop, users are barred from gambling on all operators within the Gamstop network during the chosen exclusion period.

Does GamStop Work Offline?

No. Gamstop only applies to online gambling platforms with a UKGC license. Gamstop doesn’t cover land-based casinos, National Lotto, and non-Gamstop bookmakers. The Gamstop service assumes offline gamers to be of a different caliber compared to regular casino punters. According to the UKGC regulations, all online bookmakers must adopt Gamstop or risk losing their licenses.

Punters using land-based casinos have a separate self-exclusion program called SENSE. SENSE utilizes biometric recognition and AI to help problem gamblers. They have the same concept as Gamstop but only apply to offline gambling.

Players who have issues with responsible gambling can opt for the offline self-exclusion service by the National Casino Forum (NCF). NCF is an affiliate of UKGC. After registering with SENSE, players cannot access offline casinos as they won’t be allowed entry during self-exclusion.

To register for SENSe, you fill out an application and wait for a confirmation email. After registration, all UK-licensed casinos will deny them entry.

The self-exclusion period for offline gambling is usually six months, one year, or five years. Players can still play in casinos without a UK license or when they are traveling abroad.

Self-Exclusion Options for Land-Based Casino Visitors

While GamStop covers online gambling, it does not extend to in-person venues. So, the SENSE voluntary scheme is an option for UK punters who want to be excluded from land-based casinos. This program by the UKGC allows individuals to ban themselves from entering licensed casinos across the UK.

Individuals can voluntarily join the SENSE program by visiting a participating casino, showing their ID, and filling out a form to be added to the national SENSE database. Upon filling out the SENSE form, your self-exclusion will become active. Operators must then deny excluded individuals from entering or gambling.

Exclusions can last from 6 months up to 5 years. After the user’s exclusion period lapses, the user can request to remove or extend the exclusion. SENSE will remain active if you don’t request to get off the program.

Is there any Online Casinos Not on Gamstop?

Many non-Gamstop casinos allow players to play with Gamstop. Since these casinos don’t have a UK license, they aren’t mandated to enroll with Gamstop. If you are looking for online casinos without restrictions, non-gamstop betting shops are the best option. You can play your favorite casino games here and win real money.

Non-gamstop casinos offer a wide range of games, including slots, table games, roulette, and blackjack. They also offer mobile casino apps so you can play on the go with your phone or tablet. You can enjoy your favorite casino games without restrictions and enjoy the most exciting ones. The best thing about these casinos is free bonuses and promotions, which will help you make more money.

You can find many casinos without Gamstop online, each offering something unique for players who want to enjoy their favorite games without restrictions. It is safe to play in these casinos, and you can be sure your funds and account are secure. Of course, you must also play responsibly to protect your finances and avoid the negative consequences of gambling addiction.

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Read to find out what is Gamstop and get an overview of Gamstop, how it operates, and how long it lasts.

Other Gambling Operators Covered by Gamstop

Other platforms covered by Gamstop include betting shops, online bingo halls, and instant wins by the National Lottery. Gamstop doesn’t cover the draw games on National Lottery like the Lotto. 

All UKGC betting platforms must adhere to strict regulations by the UKGC and have Gamstop. However, these regulations to adopt Gamstop apply only to online betting shops and bingo halls. Online casinos with a UK license offering online bingo games must also have Gamstop.


If you have gambling problems, Gamstop is the ideal for you. However, the self-exclusion tool doesn’t apply to offline gambling activities. Land-based casinos use SENSE which uses a similar approach to Gamstop. Besides Gamstop, you can also consider using platforms like GamcareGamblock, or Gamban. If you choose to start playing and self-exclusion isn’t over, you have the option of non-gamstop casinos. Most sites without Gamstop are good, though you need to access them carefully before joining one.

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