Oct 23, 2022

How to Remove Gamstop?

Are you frustrated by gamstop self-exclusion? Many players look for non-Gamstop sites to bypass gamstop. Gamstop is a self-exclusion service that allows players to exclude for some time to manage their gambling habits.

You cannot play, register or log in on all UK operators during self-exclusion. Also, before the minimum exclusion period ends, you cannot stop Gamstop.

So, what options do players have if they want to stop Gamstop? Our experts have researched and done all the work for you to give an overview of everything you need to know if you want to stop Gamstop.

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To remain within the bounds of the law, the only option is to execute a Gamstop removal once your self-exclusion period has come to an end. Keep reading to become familiar with the possible ways to cancel your participation in the programme.

Options for Stopping Gamstop

There are several steps and options to stop Gamstop. Stopping Gamstop will allow you to continue playing your favorite games and win real money. The steps include:

Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Required Tool: VPN

Step 1: Waiting for Self-Exclusion to Expire

Players can choose to self-exclude for six months, one year, or five years. You cannot revoke Gamstop self-exclusion before the expiry of the minimum exclusion period you chose expires. During exclusion, you can’t play in any UKGC-licensed online casino.

Step 2: Contact Gamstop to Revoke Your Exclusion

After the expiry of the minimum exclusion period, you can request to revoke Gamstop. You can contact Gamstop on your account or through their contact center. Gamstop will not contact you to tell you your exclusion is expired. You have to contact Gamstop, and the revocation will not happen automatically.

Step 3: Wait for the Revocation to be Effected

After requesting the revocation of your exclusion upon the expiry of the minimum period, you have to wait for it to be effective. You can wait for up to 24 hours. The delay may be because the operators’ systems not capturing your revocation. The 24 hours wait time is called a cooling-off period. As you wait, you can’t play on UK-based casinos with Gamstop.

Step 4: Use Alternative Ways to Bypass Gamstop

After making your deposit and verifying your account, it’s time to play. The site without Gamstop will have an icon to choose from different slots and games. You can also play live dealer casino games.

Play releases in demo mode, then go for real money. The demo helps to learn how good are the games and the site.

How to Get Off Gamstop: General Information

Gamstop Cancellation: Overview

▶ Number of Ways To Cancel Gamstop4+
✅ Best Way How To Cancel GamstopPlaying in non-Gamstop casinos
⌛ Removal TimeImmediate
🔢 Number of Ways To Get Around Gamstop10+
🎰 Number of Casinos without Gamstop110+
🃏 Best Casino Without Gamstop CancellationMagic Win Casino
⚽ Number of Betting sites without Gamstop90+
🏆 Best Betting Site Without Gamstop CancellationGoldenbet
How to get off Gamstop.

How to Check Are You Still Self Excluded?

You can check the period remaining in your exclusion or the status of self-exclusion on your Gamstop account. After confirming your exclusion period has lapsed, contact Gamstop through your online account or phone their support team to request deactivation.

Get more details on how long does Gamstop last

How Long Does it Take to Remove Gamstop?

It usually takes about a day for your exclusion deactivation to go through. The period may be more than the usual 24 hours of deactivation. The exclusion will be extended without notice if you fail to request deactivation. We figured that they assume you have not resolved your gambling problems.

Gamstop doesn’t contact players who have self-excluded to avoid prompting them back to gambling if they haven’t resolved their gambling problems.

Pros of Gamstop Removal

Players can enjoy various benefits from stopping gamstop. They will be free to play at their favorite sites and many games they prefer.

You can Gamble Again

After stopping or bypassing Gamstop, you can continue playing your favorite casino games. These sites have an extensive selection of games and offer good odds and betting options. Gambling is also a great way to unwind, have fun, and try out new casinos and games.

Increase Your Income

You can increase your income by simply playing. If you play regularly, it will be easy to build up a bankroll and start winning more money from the games. Playing casino games allows you to play and win real cash prizes. If you are on a winning streak, your income can improve substantially. 

Benefits of stopping Gamstop.

Good Entertainment

You can try out new sites and games, so there’s always something new to keep yourself entertained. Playing in an online casino is great fun, especially when many exciting bonuses are available. They make playing more interesting and enjoyable and help increase your chances of winning big prizes!

Cons of Gamstop Reversal

Getting back to playing after bypassing Gamstop can be fun and exciting. However, there are some pitfalls you should know about before you stop Gamstop.

Cons of stopping Gamstop.

Risk of Possible Addiction

Playing in online casinos is a very popular pastime. However, it’s not unusual to hear of people who’ve become addicted to gambling and have lost everything they own. While stopping Gamstop can be fun, you have to be self–aware of your ability to control your impulses.

Financial Ruin

You can lose all your money quickly in an online casino. You may feel compelled to keep playing despite the odds against you, and your bankroll is dwindling quickly. You may also experience financial difficulties if you borrow money to gamble.

Addiction Affects Emotional and Physical Health

The emotional impact of gambling addiction can be extremely damaging to the gambler’s emotional health and the people around them. The gambler may lose their job or become estranged from friends and family due to gambling.

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How We Rate Sites That Don’t Request Gamstop Removal

We use several features to rate the best sites without Gamstop:

Bonuses and Promotions

The top non-Gamstop sites have many attractive offers and bonuses. This can help you save money while playing your favorite game online. Some of these sites also offer free spins to try out the site before depositing funds.

Security Features

The best non-gamstop sites have excellent security features that keep your account safe from hackers and other types of online threats. They use advanced anti-fraud technology so that no one can steal your credit card information

Many Payment Methods

A good non-gamstop site will offer a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal. This is important because most players need to be able to pay conveniently.

Wide Game Variety

The best non-Gamstop sites have various games you can play. Top non-Gamstop sites have more than 3,000 games and titles. The wide variety of games available on these sites makes it easy for players to find something interesting.

Good Reputation

Many of the best non-Gamstop sites have been around for quite a while and are well-known in the industry. The best non-gamstop sites have a good reputation among their players.

How to Get Off Gamstop: FAQs

🏃‍♂️ Can I Get Out of Gamstop?

Yes. You can use various options to get out of Gamstop or bypass the exclusion. The best option is playing on sites without Gamstop.

⛔ Is it Possible to Stop Gamstop after the Self-excluding Period?

Yes. It’s possible to deactivate Gamstop after the minimum exclusion period expires. You contact Gamstop, and they will initiate the deactivation.

🤔 What Can I Do if I cannot Get Off Gamstop?

If you can’t get off Gamstop normally, you can bypass Gamstop. You can do this by playing on sites without Gamstop.

🔒 Is it Safe to Bypass Gamstop?

Yes. It is safe to bypass Gamstop and play on non-Gamstop casinos. Ensure you have no gambling addiction problems and play responsibly.


Players on the Gamstop exclusion program have various options to stop Gamstop. You can follow the process outlined above and request deactivation after the expiry of the exclusion period. If the period hasn’t lapsed, you can bypass Gamstop by playing on non-Gamstop platforms. Players must ensure they prevent the risk of gambling addiction.

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